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Local Links

Find out what's going on in Harbor Country...
Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce 


All these spots have a little touch of Hearthwoods.  Check them out!



Local Lodging

Snooty Fox, Harbert

Marina Grand Resort, New Buffalo

Pine Garth Inn, Union Pier

White Rabbit Inn, Lakeside

Rabbit Run Inn, Sawyer

Pumpernickel Inn, Union Pier

Goldberry Woods Inn, Union Pier



Bentwood Tavern, New Buffalo

Brewsters, New Buffalo

Wheatberry Restaurant and Tavern, Buchanan

Schu's Bar and Grill, St. Joseph

Villa Nova Pizzeria, New Buffalo

Cafe Gullistan, Harbert

Journeyman Distillery, Three Oaks

Greenbush Brewery, Sawyer



Heath & Co., New Buffalo

Timothy Jeffry Salon, Long Beach, IN

Spa Reverie, LaPorte, IN


Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo


Real Estate Developments

Camp Buffalo, New Buffalo

Orchard on the Lake, Buchanan

Maple Beach, Buchanan

Hidden Creek, Union Pier


Botanical Gardens

Fernwood Botanical Gardens, Niles


Realtor Office

Crawford Group, Sotheby's, New Buffalo 


Boat Sales

The Mariner Network, New Buffalo

Distillery Tables
Hickory Day Bed, Camp Buffalo


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